Endless Ocean

The Endless Ocean is the sea to the west of the Oldfur Islands. Beyond those final, small landmasses, the Endless Ocean stretches as far as and farther than any explorer has ever gone.

Gnome, elf and human scholars have developed a number of theories over the years about the actual extent of the Endless Ocean, and what may or may not lie beyond it. The gnomes of Ap’Lei especially have reason to explore these questions, as they have occasionally been subject to attacks by unknown beasts from out of the vast expanse of water, and even now and again discover what appears to be detritus cast off by civilized creatures, some with inscriptions in languages unknown to any in the known world.

Theories about what may lie out in the Endless Ocean run up against both cosmology and varying assumptions about the shape of the world. The currently prevailing theory of the shape of the world, is that it is a convex disc, and that the edges of both the Endless Ocean in the west and the Great Deep Ocean in the east abut the Transitive Planes of Shadow, Ether and Astral. Another popular theory – and the one that continues to be most popular with planar mechanics specialists and summoners – posits that the world is merely the bottom of the interior of a vast, rotating sphere surrounded by the Transitive Planes. Still others believe that the world itself is a sphere with the land, sky and ocean clinging to its exterior, floating through the Astral Plane, and with the planes of Ether and Shadow represented by day and night.

Regardless of the theory being put forth, it is widely understood that there must be something on the other side of the Endless Ocean, but that it is simply too far away to travel to. Rumors exist that dragons have been known to travel to the other side of the ocean, but if that is the case, none of them are talking.

Endless Ocean

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