Sir Christopher Chadwick


Sir Christopher Chadwick is an aging but still powerful Paladin from the city of Viti. He was born in the caer and raised as part of the local Baron’s household. When he was still a young man, he discovered his rapport with the divine, and heeded the call, becoming a Paladin.

He is one of the very few individuals from the southern caers to venture out into the world, though he did not stray far. His quest to the surface world (begun by crawling miles through a narrow hidden ventilation shaft) discovered a land still plagued by monsters, and he soon returned home.

He assumed a leadership position within the city, even as the aging, childless Baron failed. Young and inexperienced, Christopher was unable to stem the rising tide of lawlessness as the Baron descended into senility. It was all Christopher could do to contain the bandits to a single section of the city, and that he only achieved with the help of a young, charismatic Pelorite priest named Gabriel.

Far too late, Christopher came to realize that Gabriel’s zealousness masked a deeply evil personality. When Christopher confronted Gabriel, the priest accused him of witchcraft, and he found himself hounded out of the district by the fanatic worshipers of Gabriel’s church.

Soon afterward, the Baron died and the city descended into anarchy, eventually breaking apart into three armed camps led by Christopher, Gabriel and the bandit king Zolan. Christopher only succeeded in restoring order when a group of adventurers from the world outside opened the caer and came to his aid.


Sir Christopher Chadwick

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