An emissary sent by the yak folk and goblin contingents in the army. He communicated to the Viscount Anglesey the lack of morale among the yak folk and goblin troops, and the general certainty among the commanders of the monster army that while they might kill many humans, eventually they would be forced to retreat.

Hounnym suggested that in exchange for a bribe the yak folk and goblin parts of the army would be willing to disengage and withdraw during a critical moment. In exchange for doing this, he demanded 100 thousand gold pieces and an item known as the Talisman of Ultimate Evil from the Anglesey treasury.

The Viscount declined the offer based on the consideration that the Talisman of Ultimate Evil was simply too dangerous to be let out of the Forbidden Room in the vault. Hounnym withdrew from the negotiation regretfully but peacefully.


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