Ariel Sulain


Ariel Sulain was a junior mage in the wizard’s academy at Anglesey. Her primary function was as a junior curator of the Forbidden Room and other specialized collections in the Anglesey vault.

After the first meeting with Hounnym, she was asked to describe the powers of the Talisman of Ultimate Evil to the Viscount and his party. She then used the key to the Forbidden Room (of which there are only two copies – one kept on the person of the Lord Magician Giles Stormwind, and the other on the person of the Earl) to verify that the Talisman was still in its proper place.

The following day she was murdered in the same manner as the two junior alchemists Phillipe DeAguiar and Marco Rey. Her immediate superior Phillip Turner was originally implicated in her murder and the plot to betray the city, but no solid evidence against him was discovered.

Ariel Sulain

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