Zackarye Omsh


Zackarye Omsh was a midlevel Finger agent and an initiate of the Order of Illumination. Despite his relatively young age, he had proven himself a capable spy – so much so that when the Regency purge of the Order of Illumination from the Finger came, he was able to avoid detection. It is thanks to Omsh that the cell of defectors protected by Valarian Farol and Archon Teptim Israk were able to survive, and, ultimately, escape the destruction of Avenanhma.

A nondescript human of medium build, Omsh was a master of disguise, and even within the city of Avenanhma he was able to maintain several distinct identities, which he used in his capacity as a double agent. His final guise was as a Regency Fist lieutenant; using that identity he contacted Imperial agents from Anglesey and directed them to the location of the refugee cell, just before being struck down and killed by a bolt from Crowley Crane’s crossbow.


Zackarye Omsh

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