Vignar was a half-elf cleric of Vecna, devoted to the discovery and use of forbidden and dangerous secrets. He first appeared at Anglesey with a group of refugees fleeing a human settlement destroyed by orcs, and quickly insinuated himself into the scholars and clerics at court in the castle. It was only a few weeks before his perverse experiments were discovered however, and he was forced to flee the town.

Anglesey thought they’d heard the last of him until a half-orc adventurer arrived in the company of the Viscount bearing a warning that Vignar had partnered himself with the new leader of the orc tribes to the north. Together with the orc chieftain Gripash, Vignar had discovered or developed a highly deadly new disease, which they intended to use to utterly destroy Anglesey.

The Viscount and his fellow adventurers were dispatched to capture or destroy this disease, and to kill Vignar within the enemy camp, a task they accomplished, though not without difficulty. The disease appears to have been disposed of, and Vignar slain, but Gripash and his army are still a dire threat to Anglesey.



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