Sov Darnish, Imperial Diviner


Sov Darnish is an aging wizard from the Imperial Academy at Misr. He left the Academy for the first time since his 10th birthday in order to accompany the Imperial embassy to Ap’Lei. His orders were to scry upon a group of rebels determined to bring down the Council of Regents.

Though his initial attempts to scry on the rebels proved difficult, he eventually managed to get a lock on them, and subsequently was able to reliably track them using the scrying pool built into the lower decks of the Sky Treader.

He was greatly alarmed to be confronted by two of those very rebels in his chambers aboard ship, but his fears were soon allayed when he was presented to the living Emperor. He has since pledged his service to Anglesey and the Emperor.


Sov Darnish, Imperial Diviner

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