Moiro Lyceaon


An Imperial diplomat representing the Council of Regents attempt to reach out to the scattered remnants of the Empire. His mission is slower moving but far more heavily armed than the original missions made up of adventurers and lone military officers. He is accompanied by a force of twenty heavy Imperial cavalry, a small force of wilderness scouts, a wagon train, and two Finger agents (Fayyad Emiri and Dulcia Drane) who are operating without cover identities (counter to most established Finger protocols).

Lyceaon is an older man, but still quite fit. He is an active, energetic man, with a keen mind and a sharp wit. While extremely limited contact between caers limited the utility of diplomats during the Scourge, Lyceaon honed his negotiating skills as a merchant. He has been very successful in business, and hopes that his mission will allow him to expand on that success, while at the same time serving the interests of the Empire.


Moiro Lyceaon

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