Lawrence Twoblades


The Earl of Anglesey’s Master of Hunts.

Just as Gilbert Fannon is tasked with the defense of the walls and people of Anglesey, so Twoblades runs the defense of her forests and fields. Twoblades is a master tracker, hunter and expert in trapmaking and guerrilla warfare. He has a small army of rangers, scouts and rogues that rarely come into the city – instead, they patrol the wilderness of the Earldom constantly for threats, returning to the city only to report on what they find. In times of war, these men and women harass an attacking enemy from the wilderness, making him fear the woods at his back as much as the walls of the city before him.

Twoblades is a silent, observant man who prefers to remain in shadow – the polar opposite of Gilbert Fannon. Despite this, the two men are good friends, often keeping council with one another, and with the Earl. The same cannot be said of the men under their command; soldiers and rangers tend not to trust one another, though they often fight side by side.


Lawrence Twoblades

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