Ta-Den Human Swift Hunter


Human Scout 5 / Ranger 4 / Thief Acrobat 2
CG Medium Humanoid (Human)

STR 15 DEX 14 CON 14 WIS 14 INT 14 CHA 11

Init 3 (2 Dex, 1 Battle Fort)
AC 22, Touch 14, Flat-footed 22 (+1 Dodge, +2 when skirmishing, +4 Fighting Defensively)
HP 97 (11 HD)

FORT 9 REF 14 WILL 5 (Class F4, R10, W 2; Con 2, Dex 2, Wis 1; Magic +2; Battle Fortitude +1 to FORT)

SPD 40 ft SPACE 5ft. REACH 5ft/10ft w/ glaive
BAB 8; GRP 10 (Escape Artist 13)

Bagari (Glaive +1) ATT 11\7 DMG 1d10+4/x3 Melee;
Mwk Longsword ATT 11\6 DMG 1d8+2/19-20×2 Melee;
Mwk Dagger ATT 11\6 DMG 1d4+2/19-20×2 Range 20 or Melee; (ATT 1 PB, DMG 1 PBS)
Javelin ATT 10\5 DMG 1d6+2/x2 Range 60; (ATT 1 PBS, DMG 1 PBS)
Dart ATT 10\5 DMG 1d4+2/x2 Range 40; (ATT 1 PBS, DMG 1 PBS)
Throwing Axe ATT 10\5 DMG 1d4+2/x2 Range 20 or Melee; (ATT 1 PBS, DMG 1 PBS)
Light Hammer ATT 10\5 DMG 1d6+2/x2 Range 40 or Melee; (ATT 1 PBS, DMG 1 PBS)
Mwk Composite Longbow ATT 11\6 1d8+1/x3 Range 120; (ATT 1 PBS, DMG 1 PBS)

DMG Modifiers 3d6+2 skirmish, +2 v undead, +4 v giants

ATK OPTIONS Skirmish (3d6+2\2AC after moving 10 ft.), fighting defensively ( —4 ATT/ +4 AC), Rapid Shot (extra attack w/ —2 ATT all ranged weapons), Acrobatic Strike ( +4 ATT if tumbling past an opponent to avoid an Attack Of Opportunity)

if room to move and target is hard to hit – Move in from 10 ft. away and tumble through a threatened area to get +4 ATT from Acrobatic Strike and make skirmish attack. If need to kill is urgent, activate Skirmisher booths for second follow up. If starting turn adjacent to opponent, tumble 10 ft in any suitable direction through a threatened area.

if room to move and target is easy to hit but hits often (ie. high level melee NPC) – Tumble in to get attack bonus from Acrobatic Strike and fight defensively. +4 ATT from Acrobatic Strike, -4 ATT from fighting defensively, net +0 AC, but AC +4

if room to move and target hits hard and often (ie. giant) – if adjacent tumble away and use ranged attacks. Continue moving and using ranged attacks from 30 ft. away

if no room to move – full attack or rapid shot and make room, killing things to make space, if need be

FEATS Point Blank Shot (1), Dodge (1), Precise Shot (3), Track (Rgr 1), Swift Hunter (Scout 4), Quick Draw (6), Rapid Shot (Rgr 2), Acrobatic Strike (9), Endurance (Rgr 3)

CLASS FEATURES Trapfinding, Battle Fortitude +1, Uncanny Dodge, Wild Empathy, Favored Enemy (undead +2, giants +4), Fast Movement 10, Trackless Step, Evasion, Kip Up, Fast Acrobatics, Steady Stance, Distracting Attack, Slow Fall 20 ft, Agile Fighting

Kip Up (stand from prone as free action)
Fast Acrobatics (can use Tumble & Balance at full speed and Climb at half speed w/o penalty)
Steady Stance (+2 bonus to Balance or Climb checks to remain balancing or climbing while taking damage)
Distracting Attack (any enemy hit by Johara is considered flanked by next ally who strikes at enemy in that round)
Agile Fighting (permanent dodge AC bonus +1, +2 dodge AC bonus if fighting defensively. Character takes no penalty for fighting while prone, seated or crawling)

SPELLS – Ranger 1st level – (open slot)

(Embrace the Wild – lowlight vision or blindsense 30 ft, +2 to Listen & Spot 10 min., Surefoot – +10 bonus to balance, climb, jump, tumble 10 min, Surefooted Stride – ignore mvmt penalty for difficult terrain 1 min. or Resist Energy are all potential candidates)
SKILLS Listen +10, Spot +10, Move Silently +7, Hide +7, Balance +12, Climb +10, Escape Artist +13, Jump +16, Tumble +18, Survival +10, Search +13, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +8, Knowledge (nature) +10, Knowledge (geography) +8, Disable Device +10, Use Rope +7, Profession (cartographer) +4, Open Lock +4

Skill Tricks Twisted Charge (may charge with up to 90-degree turn), Extreme Leap (add 10 ft to distance jumped)

POSSESSIONS Mithril Chain Shirt +1, Bagari (Glaive +1), Quiver of Ehlonna, Masterwork Thieves Tools, Darts (10), Javelins (10), Throwing Axes (2), Light Hammer (2), Mwk Longsword, Mwk Dagger (10), Wand of CLW (7), Wand of CLW (50), Wand of Resist Energy (50), Backpack, Bedroll, Flint & Steel, Belt Pouch, 50’ rope, Waterskin, Everburning Torch, Free glide (4), Gloves of Extended Range & Throwing, Skirmisher Acrobat Boots, Cloak of Resistance +2, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Mwk Composite Longbow (Mighty +1), 7 arrows, Ring of Force Shield, Ring of Protection +1, Daern’s Instant Tent, Belt of Ogre Strength, Heward’s Handy Haversack, Field Provisions box, Scout’s Headband

Gloves of Extended Range & Throwing – all thrown weapons have double range, 3x/day, grant one weapon throwing & returning as swift action

Skirmisher Acrobat Boots – Continuous +2 Tumble, 3 charges per day for +10/15/20 ft. to movement, Continuous +2 skirmish dag, 2x/day can take extra attack after moving 10 feet

Scout’s Headband 3 charges/day – 1 charge = darkvision/1 hr., 2 charges – see invisibility/10 min, 3 charges – true seeing/1 min

Bag of Boulders 3 charges/day – can hurl boulders with 50’ range increment, 1 charge – 2d6 dmg, 2 charges – 3d6 dmg, 3 charges – 4d6 dmg


“This? This is the fighting style of the Shen Kuth. I come from the fine city of Ta-tenan, on the shores of the Sa’Lacassar, the Sea of Black Tears. It is said to bear the sorrow of an ancient fallen empire for the sun gleams upon the surface like firelight upon mithril, but the depths are dark with secrets and woe. Swarms of starshrimp, glowing like embers, float deep in the sea’s murky waters, and the fish who swim upon the surface dive into the darkness to feast on their sweet flesh. Yet not all is as it appears, and you may swim after a shining cluster of starshrimp only to see that it is the glowing horn of the serpentine Shen Kuth, luring you into it toothy maw.

“So it is with us. We bring light into the murky darkness so that we may help the rest of our pack know the territory in which we hunt. We find our prey, make them give chase. We wound them and cut them so that they tire and bleed. And when they are lost, hurt and frustrated, we let the rest of the pack feast.”

Johara refers to her glaive as “Bagari” and when asked says, "our father, Samatar, was a famous hunter among the Ta-tenan, one of the first surface runners to make the overland journey between Ta -tenan and Ta-Djed as the Scourge began to wane. On one of his earliest forays, across the desert to Ta-Djed, his expedition had been stalked by an old bulette, a near legendary foe named Bagari, after the Ta-Den Reaver of Cowards. It is said that Bagiri had born at the dawn of the Scourge, preying on any Ta-Den who tried to journey across the Burning Desert, devouring expeditions and caravans down to one man, leaving them to flee home and tell others that the surface was no place for them. The landshark was old but still fearsome, and so our father was picked with another group of hunters to track down the beast and put his reign of fear to an end. They had taken most of the expedition’s camels, to confuse the bulette and hide their numbers amongst the steeds. When it attacked one night to swallow one of the camels, the hunting party attacked, making darting strikes like wolves to distract and confuse it. The creature’s bite had been worn down by age, but its claws were still sharp, gutting many of the hunters who came too close. Samatar, realizing that there was a vulnerable flap of skin on its crest, made a daring leap onto Bagari’s back and plunged his glaive into the flap. He clung to the glaive as the bulette thrashed and tossed, and our father was nearly crushed as the beast rolled to throw him off, but all of that just served to let the glaive slice deeper and deeper into its flesh, until finally it bled out onto the sand and was no more. My father dipped the blade of his glaive into the creature’s pooling blood, anointing the weapon with his foe’s fierceness.

“As a hunter, my father had many weapons, but Bagari was his first kasto, a weapon companion bonded with his life force, gaining power through his deeds and valor. When I was inducted into the Shen Kuth, my father gave me this glaive as a gift. Its kasto energy had dissipated over the years, as he chose other weapon companions to suit his journeys, but he told me that it would reawaken again and serve me well if I lived up to his example.”


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