Gilbert Fannon


Gilbert Fannon is the Master at Arms for the Lord of Anglesey.

A cheerful, energetic man, responsible for the combat training of the knights and soldiers of Anglesey, Fannon is second in authority only to the Lord of Anglesey himself. Fannon’s long mustache and salt-and-pepper queue are a common sight atop the walls of the city at all hours. Fannon is charged with the defense of the town and the castle – a responsibility he takes very seriously.

Fannon is a pure soldier, unwilling to commit men to any task he would be unwilling to perform himself. He loves the troops under his command, and that love is returned in spades. The Earl trusts and relies on him absolutely, and though the two men are different in many ways, they are the best of friends, having trained side by side under the previous Master At Arms.

Only the Earl’s Master of Hunts – Lawrence Twoblades – has spent more time on expeditions outside the walls.


Gilbert Fannon

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