General Wu'Hama


General Wu’hama is an old, experienced Ta-Den warrior. He cut his teeth hunting the underworlds of the Ta-Den caers, keeping his people safe from the beasts that lurked and stalked the dark places of the world.

Over the years he gained more and more notoriety in his home caer at Ta-Tenan, eventually attracting the notice of other warriors. His force grew from a party of adventurers to a small army of mercenaries with a reputation for picking and choosing their causes. Within the caer there were few wars to be fought, but merchants always needed protection, and as the beasts from the deep became less and less frequent it became apparent that the surface world was were the greatest challenges lay. Wu’Hama was one of the first to venture out into the primeval jungle – and one of the first to lose many of his men to the monsters that still lurked there.

Since that first defeat, Wu’Hama has made reconquering Ta-Den lands his priority, at least until the opportunity came to once again pit his Ta-Den against the armies of the Empire.


General Wu'Hama

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