Eulia Dran

Half-elf Imperial agent.


Eulia Dran is a charismatic half-elf Bard from the city of Ndango. He is an agent of the Empire, though his actual role in the imperial apparatus is unclear. He was critical in the pursuit of the halfling assassin Crowley Crane, the defense of Augustine’s remains from the imperial ambassador, and the flight of Augustine’s surviving allies from the city.

He later accompanied an embassy from Ndango to the Imperial city of Anglesey. There, he immediately settled in as a friend of the court, and took an active part as an intelligence agent and shadow warrior in the defense of Anglesey against the orc horde that laid siege to the city.

He was killed when a group of traitors took advantage of the siege to rob the city treasury of a powerful and dangerous artifact, destroying part of the castle.


Eulia Dran

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