Errmil Shandock


Shandock is an elderly gnome librarian and resident of the city of Ap’Lei, living under the alias Errwinkle Zoomdack. He is also a cell leader of the Order of Illumination on Ap’Lei, and an adept wizard. As a very young man during the second year of the Scourge, he received the last surviving member of the Imperial family and agreed to hide him until such time as it was safe for him to reveal himself.

Using contacts and money maintained by the Order of Illumination on Ap’Lei, Shandock arranged for a special section of the Ap’Lei caer to be constructed and connected with his library. This section was isolated from the rest of the caer, and served one purpose – to keep the magically slumbering Emperor safe and hidden until his imperial subjects arrived to retrieve him. With the corruption of the Council of Regents becoming ever more obvious as the Scourge intensified, Shandock knew this could be quite some time.

When men finally did arrive to retrieve their Emperor, Shandock was relieved to finally be released from his burden. But even as the Emperor was awoken, his library was partially destroyed by an attack from agents of the Council of Regents. Shandock arranged for his own people, loyal to the Order of Illumination, to provide cover for the Emperor and his escort as they attempted to escape the island. Nothing has been heard from him since.


Errmil Shandock

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