Captain Garrett Remmish


Captain Remmish was born and raised in the caer at Avenanhma, the eldest son of a high-ranking Imperial officer, and nephew of a member of the Council of Regents. He was raised to love and honor the Empire by a father who still held tight to the idea that an Emperor might once again sit upon the throne some day.

Remmish enlisted in the Imperial the very day he came of age, determined to follow in his father’s footsteps. What he did no expect to find was the corruption that ran rampant throughout the military. As a boy he had never ventured to the lower levels of the caer, but as a junior officer he was often ordered down into the depths to keep order or repel monstrous creatures. On these missions he witnessed first hand the abuses inflicted on the poor by the military and merchant establishment, as well as the growing influence of evil cults throughout the caer.

As he rose through the ranks, it became apparent to him that the evil he witnessed on the deepest levels of the caer was not isolated to the poorer classes. Though the officers with whom he served and the nobles who issued his orders were careful to hide their tracks, Remmish became more and more cognizant that something was deeply wrong with the Empire.

The final straw came when his own uncle, now an elderly man, murdered a young woman in his own home and Remmish became entangled in the conspiracy to destroy the evidence. Though he refused to be part of this vile act, his attempts to expose the conspiracy were stymied at every turn, and he eventually realized that there was nowhere for him to turn if he wished justice to be served.

And then, when rumors of a risen Emperor began to be whispered among the ranks, he knew what he had to do. Even before he was approached by Archon Israk for protection, Captain Remmish began making plans to march his men away from Avenanhma to join the Emperor.


Captain Garrett Remmish

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