Captain Alyoush Miriad


Captain Miriad is an Avenan cavalry captain – one of the Empire’s elite, sent out into the world as part of a diplomatic mission seeking the reestablish contact (and Imperial control) over the remaining Lost Houses.

Miriad’s first encounter with the Lost House of Anglesey was very nearly tragic, when his scouts rode into an ambush set by Lawrence Twoblades rangers. Luckily, the rangers were smart enough to call out a warning to the scouts, rather than simply fire on what they at first thought was an orcish cavalry patrol. From there, Twoblades and Miriad opened a dialogue that eventually resulted in the Viscount Anglesey meeting with the Imperial ambassador Moiro Lyceaon.

Miriad is a royalist, believing that the Council of Regents should elect a new Emperor, but he is also a realist, and understands that such a move would inevitably be accompanied by tragic bloodshed as various houses vied for the throne. So he is loyal to the Council, and he has advanced easily through the ranks of the Fist military.

Hearing from the Viscount Anglesey that there is a chance an Imperial heir yet lives, he has begun to question his loyalty to the Council – especially in light of Lyceaon’s reaction to the news. Ordered to ride out in pursuit of the Viscount and his companions – and to capture or kill them – Miriad instead enlisted the aid of Twoblades to find the Viscount and warn him of the Council’s determination to prevent the discovery of a new Emperor. He even went so far as to volunteer his sword in the defense of a new Emperor, should the Viscount find one – a statement that would be viewed as treasonous had the ambassador or the Hand agent Crowley Crane heard it.


Captain Alyoush Miriad

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