Alain Anglesey, Baron Balbanon


The second son of the Earl of Anglesey, Alain originally looked forward only to rising to become the Lord Commander of the Knights of the Veridian Braid, and a second to his elder brother Alistair. However, with the confirmation of the death of the last of the Rostov line and the abandonment of Balbanon, the 16-year old Alain was sent north with a small group of colonists – mostly retired soldiers and former Orc slaves – to rebuild the city and reactivate its highly productive mines.

When the Emperor arrived, he reinstated Balbanon as a barony and gave Alain the title of Baron Balbanon. Though the city remains for the time being a client of Anglesey – at least until it has workable farmland again – it is assumed that within the next decade Alain will be ruling a small but thriving community deep in the mountains.

For his part, Alain shares the dedication to duty common to all of the Angleseys. He has trained as a knight and soldier, as well as a statesman, since he was old enough to walk. Despite his youth, he commands the respect and loyalty of the people who serve under him. Much of that loyalty is due to the respect his father commands, but he has proven himself a capable leader since taking over Balbanon – effectively dealing with monster-infested mines, eliminating (it is hoped) the vampire threat in his city, and beginning the rebuilding of the roads between Anglesey, Balbanon and Ndango.


Alain Anglesey, Baron Balbanon

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